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Chalo Card In Bhopal

Chalo has partnered with Bhopal City Link Limited (BCLL) to launch the Chalo App, Chalo Card, and mobile bus passes in Bhopal.

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Chalo In Bhopal

Chalo Card In Bhopal

The Chalo Card in Bhopal is a tap-to-pay bus card which stores a prepaid wallet and your bus pass or a Chalo Super Saver plan.

Wallet Features

  • You can recharge the Chalo Card wallet with any amount from Rs. 10 onwards, in multiples of Rs. 10, and pay for your bus tickets with a simple tap.
  • The balance on the card never expires, so you can recharge once and use it for as long as you wish.
  • Just ask the conductor for your Chalo Card, and start saving on your bus trips right away.
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Track your bus live

See the exact location of your bus, know its live arrival time, and leave for the bus stop just a few minutes before your bus arrives. You never have to wait at the bus stop again, and never miss your bus again either.

Buy A Mobile Bus Ticket In Bhopal

Travel safer with your bus ticket now on your mobile phone. Never worry about exchanging cash in the bus, or about carrying loose change ever again.

Go Cashless With Mobile Bus Passes

Travel safer with your bus pass now on your mobile phone. You never have to visit a pass counter or wait in the queue ever again. Travel safer with no worries about exchanging cash or carrying loose change ever again.

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Chalo Stories In



Chalo lit up Bhopal’s most popular junction, Board Office, during Diwali in our own unique style.

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Santa Promoting Ticket Bus Travel

Santa rode on Bhopal’s buses to check passengers’ tickets, and rewarded all passengers with correct tickets with chocolates and sweets.

Buy Ticket At The Bus Stop

Chalo has launched a unique initiative at crowded bus stops in Bhopal where passengers can buy their bus ticket even before their bus arrives. This saves them the trouble of buying a ticket in the bus during rush hour.